Thank you for visiting the Raleigh Police Memorial. The Fallen Officer Memorial, completed in 2014 and unveiled April 25, 2014, is funded entirely by the Raleigh Police Memorial and donors. On September 2, 2014 the Fallen Officer Memorial received the Sir Walter Raleigh Award.

The Fallen Officer Memorial is designed to honor the eight Raleigh police officers who have died in the line of duty serving the City of Raleigh. Early in the design process, it was determined that the Memorial wanted to be inspirational to all citizens rather than being a more typical memorial, solemn in its tone and not unlike a graveside. It was also asserted that the Memorial would not contain life-like figures, which can so easily restrict the access and meaning of the composition.

The central spine of the design it the ground terrazzo water table, which reflects the sky and speaks of something which lies beyond the individual. The reflected sky speaks of the capacity of all humans to commit to something larger than ourselves. Syncopating the smooth, reflect water, the eight Fallen are depicted as voids, as interruptions in the laminar flow, acknowledging the enormous price some of us are required to pay in the course of our service to others.  

The 21 granite columns speak of both the community that is served by the police and the community of the police force itself, standing tall and supporting society. The number 21 symbolizes the 21 gun salute and the 21 represents the number of Raleigh Officers at the time the Memorial was rendered (777 Raleigh Officers). The falling water disappears into a below-grade tank where cymbals are struck by the falling water creating a mysterious sound. The Fallen eight names are inscribed in individual granite blocks, which depict the day of the their end of watch, and five words are engraved in the benches which represents the meaning of the Memorial: Serve, Protect, Sacrifice, Honor and Remember.

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